Defense and Thesis Submission Processes

Realization of the Defense Exam and Thesis Submission

Step 1

The Student sends the following to the Graduate school email address ( to be examined.

Step 2

  • The thesis draft, which is examined within 7 days in terms of compliance with the Thesis writing rules, is sent back to the student to be corrected if necessary.
  • The student who makes the necessary corrections sends an e-mail to the Graduate School for re-examination of the thesis draft.


Step 3

In order for the thesis to be reviewed and approved by the Graduate School, the following forms must be filled in by the advisor and sent to the Graduate School via the Chair of the Department.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When filling out the Jury Suggestion Form, a date at least 10 days after the date of the Board of Directors must be determined as the "Thesis Defense Exam Date". If the defense exam will be held online, a suitable date for the link should be determined by calling the Graduate School.

Step 4

  • Jury members determined by the decision of the Graduate School Administrative Board meet on the determined date and take the student to the thesis defense exam.
  • After the thesis exam is completed, the members of the jury decide on acceptance, rejection or revision of the thesis.

Step 5

  • The student who gets a correction as a result of the Thesis Defense Exam needs to correct the thesis in three months in master's programs; in 6 months in doctoral programs. Then, he/she has to defend the thesis, in front of the same jury.
  • The student sends the corrected thesis to the Graduate School for examination, as stated in step 1, within the given time.
  • The forms specified in step 3 are filled in again by the advisor and sent to the Institute via the Chair of the Department.
  • A student who has not submitted his/her thesis at the end of the correction period or who is found unsuccessful as a result of the thesis defense exam is dismissed from the University.

Step 6

The following documents about the student who took the Thesis Defense Exam (with complete signatures of the jury members) are filled by the advisor and sent to the Graduate School within 3 working days via the Department Chair.

  • MS Thesis Defense Success Report / PhD Thesis Defense Success Report
  • Thesis Defense Exam Question Report (MS students) / Thesis Defense Oral Exam Question Report (PhD students)
  • Thesis Title Change Report (if any)
  • Thesis Restriction Request Form (if any) MS / PhD

  • Graduation Procedures

    Step 7

    • The following steps are followed to prepare the thesis CD:

    Creating Thesis Data Entry Form:

    Login into YÖK Thesis Center.

    Thesis Data Entry Form is created by following the relevant instructions.

    A pdf file is saved on the thesis CD.


    Preparation of Thesis CD: The CD is prepared in the format specified below and delivered to the Graduate School. The CD name is printed as the reference number obtained from YÖK. (Ref No: It is the reference number written on the Data Entry Form obtained from YÖK). Files that should be included in the thesis CD:

    1. tezverigirisformu.pdf

    2. reference no.pdf: It should not be larger than 500 MB (YÖK reference number is used as the name of the thesis converted to pdf, example: 102xxxxx.pdf) .

    3. reference no.rar (if any, annexes of the thesis), Warning: You cannot include pictures, videos, programs, sound recordings, etc. in the thesis. It includes attachments that are not found in the printed thesis.



    While the thesis is uploaded to YÖK Thesis Center, the signature page of the jury is removed from the thesis. (In its meeting dated 13.05.2020, YÖK Executive Board decided that while postgraduate theses are uploaded by institutes to the National Thesis Center Thesis Automation System in terms of the protection of personal data, it is appropriate to upload them without the "Thesis Approval Page" containing the personal information and wet signatures of the thesis jury. It was announced to all universities with the letter of the Presidency of the Board of Directors dated 03.06.2020 and numbered 32794.)

    Any information in the thesis that contains personal information (ORCID numbers, signature, date of birth, place of birth, photo, e-mail address, etc.) cannot be included in the CD.

    All text files on the CD must be in pdf format and must not contain any protection (printing, copying, etc.).

      Step 8

      • Students with a thesis restriction request should follow the steps below:

      The thesis that is planned to be organized as an article in accordance with the Directive on Collecting, Organizing and Making Access to Graduate Theses in Electronic Media can be closed to access for 6 months; and for the thesis whose patent application/patent obtaining process continues, the student may request that the thesis be closed for 2 years.

      The student fills out the Thesis Restriction Request Form and submits it to the Head of the Department, and the Thesis Restriction Request Form is sent to the Graduate School via Department Chair.

      The student's request is discussed and a decision is made at the Graduate School Administrative Board meeting.


      Step 9

      The student who succeeds in the Thesis Defense Exam gains the right to graduate. The student is obliged to submit one (1) hardcover thesis together with the following documents to the Graduate School Directorate within 30 days from the date of the Thesis Defense.

      Required Documents and Documents Submission Form for Graduation

      Thesis Data Entry Form (for YÖK)

      Thesis Data Entry Form (for BTÜ)

      Thesis Publishing Permission Form (for the Library)

      Publication Criteria Declaration Form (To be filled by the Advisor.)

      Plagiarism Program Report (It will be prepared by the Advisor and only the first two pages where the percentages are indicated will be delivered.)

      MS Thesis Originality Declaration Form / PhD Thesis Originality Declaration Form  

      2 CDs (The pdf version of the thesis and the Thesis Data Entry Form filled for YÖK must be registered.)

      Student ID Card



      In the thesis, the field that says Thesis Submission Date will be left blank and will be filled by the Graduate School Secretary during the thesis submission. (…/…/…)

      All signatures in the thesis should be complete and blue ink pen should be used in wet signatures.