Mission and Vision


To provide quality education and training in graduate programs based on national and international trends in line with the innovative mission undertaken by our university.

To support education and training services with universal scientific research studies and to raise professionally competent and free-thinking individuals.

To educate individuals who have adopted the spirit of research and innovation, who can use science and technology for the benefit of society and humanity, who respect the environment and ethical values, who adopt lifelong learning as a principle, who are academically equipped in their field and who can compete internationally.

To encourage continuous quality improvement processes in postgraduate education and to contribute to the development of postgraduate education policies.

To encourage university-public-industry cooperation at the highest level and to make arrangements that will allow the development of interdisciplinary research.

To ensure that graduate students catch up with the current literature in their field and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for advanced research.

To train scientists who have reached the level to publish in international scientific journals and who have acquired the expertise to cooperate with different disciplines and fields.


To be an internationally distinguished institution that trains experts and academics who are highly qualified at the national and international level, have gained an understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship, have high competitive power, have analytical thinking skills, contribute to the development of advanced technologies and science, and lead research and development studies for social needs.